Plans for 2018

You may call it resolutions, but they aren’t that hard and fast. Here’s a list of things I would like to do in 2018:

  1. Write more. Starting with this blog, I’d like to put more of myself out there. Outside of blogging, a post on or Medium would be super cool, but I should probably start by writing an article for Suspense & Decision first, like I’ve had on my TO DO list for years now.
  2. Finish a game project. I’ve got several PICO-8 prototypes that never went anywhere, but no finished games. This needs to end, and I’ve got one mechanic in particular that I want to work on. It could turn into all sorts of games, and right now I think that a cooking game like Overcooked would be super fun. Going to toil some more with the basic mechanics.
  3. Learn a new technology. Last year’s new technology was Drupal, and I learned it for work, this year I would like to learn something for myself. I’m thinking Godot, and for a project to try it on, an Eressea client that replaces Magellan or CSMap.
  4. Keep a journal. I’m not good at keeping a journal over long periods of time, so I will start easy: Before going to bed, write a short paragraph about one thing that I thought about during the day. Just to get back into the practice of doing it.
  5. Go to conferences. I went to the Internet Days in Stockholm with work last year, and that was fun. This year, we are planning to attend FOSDEM in Brussels, and I want to stay for a few extra days and also go to GodotCon.
  6. Speak. I haven’t held a presentation in a while, and would like to get back into doing that. It could be for work, or if that doesn’t present itself, I can probably talk about Eressea. Need to write an outline, create slides, find an event to present at. Maybe just the Oslo gamedev meetup for starters? CFP deadlines mean that this may not happen this year, but either way, I want to have a presentation ready for when the opportunity presents itself. I should still have a list of lightning talk topics somewhere.
  7. Play more games. I haven’t been playing a lot of games in the last couple of years. Maybe it would help to document my game experiences on this blog? Another reason to reactivate it. I should post a paragraph or two about each game I play, whether it’s a small PICO-8 project or a title I bought on Steam.
  8. Board games. Living so far from my board gamer friends in Oslo has not been good. I went to a few board game evenings last year, but far from enough. My plan right now is to start the year by hosting one at home, and maybe kick off something semi-regular with people who live in the area.

I’ll try to remember to score myself on these at the end of the year.