Olympic boycott?

The fire is lit. The games must continue. Today the German national Olympic Committee announced that they will participate no matter what. My guess is that the Chinese would have to carpet bomb Tibet for anyone to boycott the games now. Too much is riding on having good economic relations with China, and officials cannot afford themselves even minor criticism.

Which means that it is now up to us as consumers to decide for ourselves whether we want to see these Olympics or not. I urge everyone who is in favor of a boycott not to tune in the summer, not to participate in the discussion of winners, losers and gold medals. Our governments may not be in a strong enough position to say no, but we certainly are.


Flashback to my time at university. The Sedgewick was the most popular algorithms book among students, being both cheaper and translated to German. Myself, I was using the CLRS Introduction to Algoritms.

This book was found when we were rummaging through stuff that was going to be thrown away at work, and I couldn’t let that happen. I could have used it last week when I was implementing patricia tries. Why is there no good C implementation of them on the ‘net? Anyhow, the question of how to delete an element from a patricia trie isn’t addressed in Sedgewick, so it wouldn’t have helped. I found out, so it wasn’t important, but still, you look up one thing in a classic like this and it’s not in there? How sad.

Piracy & PC Games

I wish I could have put it as eloquently as the author of this article.

If the target demographic for your game is full of pirates who won’t buy your game, then why support them? That’s one of the things I have a hard time understanding. It’s irrelevant how many people will play your game (if you’re in the business of selling games that is). It’s only relevant how many people are likely to buy your game.

In other software markets, getting 1% of the target market is considered good. If you need to sell 500,000 of your game to break even and your game requires Pixel Shader 3 to not look like crap or play like crap, do you you really think that there are 50 MILLION PC users with Pixel Shader 3 capable machines who a) play games and b) will actually buy your game if a pirated version is available?

By the way, Sins of a Solar Empire looks like a really great game. Put it on Steam and I’ll probably buy it.