Music of 2021

My Spotify Wrapped playlist for 2021

Spotify tells me what I already know: I didn’t listen to a lot of new music in 2021, but to old and comfortable favorites like Take Five at #1 and Because The Night at #8. Ghostbusters scores very high at #6 because of Halloween, and the remaining songs in the Top 10 are from my “Work Hard” playlist that I put on when I need to just get s*** done. The first actual new (to me) entry is Red Eyes at #12, prompted by this video which has the old-school asthetic of PC games before 3D acceleration that I adore.

One thought on “Music of 2021

  1. Oh. Looks like the WordPress Spotify widget does not preserve the custom order of songs from the playlist. So the text and embed look completely unrelated now. I need to see if I can fix that somehow.

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