Geocaching with Google Maps

I was Geocaching in Budapest last week, and I sorely missed a good overview map that showed me nearby caches. My GPS doesn’t have a map, you see, and I’m used to the good overview from

So I went ahead and built me a little Google mapping web application. You type in the coordinates, it shows you a map of the area with the 25 first caches as clickable links. So say I’ll be in London next week, all I need to do is find the coordinates of my Hotel, put them in, and voila, I get a map.

Try it for yourself here, but please don’t punish the server too much, it’s on a very old machine.


  • Make it faster
  • Make it use proper icons for different cache types
  • Let me hide the ones I’ve already found
  • Show more than 25 caches
[ media | Nikka Costa – Till I Get To You ]