You keep using that word…

Are these strawberries fresh, or are they frozen? Or were they fresh when they were frozen? Hint: “frozen” is not an attribute with positive connotations when applied to food, so maybe just don’t put that there, and buy fresh strawberries instead of… whatever it is you are doing now.

Homegroup encountered an error.

This error message has been kicking my ass today. It turns out I had two problems:

  1. The homegroup was created by a computer that is no longer on my network. Solution: Leave it form all machines, and create a new homegroup.
  2. IPv6 needs to be enabled. For some reason, homegroups only work over IPv6. Solution: Enable IPv6, and welcome to the future.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Still cannot make two computers talk to each other. I am going to have to revert to good old sneakernet and a USB drive.