Geocaching again

I started geocaching last winter with my sister Alke. We had a little competition going for a while to see who could find the most caches, but it was quickl obvious that Oslo is much better terrain for it than Heidelberg. There are hundreds of caches hidden around here!

Anyway, I pulled ahead and then stopped for a bit to let her catch up, while pondering over what GPS to buy (I had been borrowing Frank’s). Somehow the whole thing slipped my mind and was forgotten, until two weeks ago I got an SMS from Alke saying she had pulled ahead by 5, totalling 16! Highscore lists are pretty important, and we’re competitive about them in our family, so I starteed again and somehow Yngvild also caught the bug. We went on two pretty good weeks of hunting, and I’m now up to 35 finds. Alke has a long way to catch up, I just hope I’m not demoralizing her.

I’ve also ordered my GPB, a Garmin GPSMap 60CS.

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