Making progress

I can make a small fist again. My knuckles don’t bend enough yet, I can’t get a full 90 degrees bend and so what you see on the picture is the best fist I was able to do wednesday night. But it’s progress, and my physiotherapy specialist is happy. So am I. Today she said it would be okay to try a little climbing since I have no pain in the hand.

I am so happy.

This means that as soon as I can free myself from this desk, I’ll be out in Hellerud or Hauktjern. Since Morten is busy with all his excercising, and Jorunn simply hates climbing outdoors, I need a new partner. Mona, our new sysadmin, has agreed to come along. I’m sure she’ll outclimb me easily.

I’ve gotten an account on Flickr, an extremely easy-to-use photo site that I can warmly recommend. I especially like the upload tools they have and the clean layout of the site.

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